Tannis Seufert

Tannis loves the sculptural quality and the pliability of leather. She explores many facets of her creative expression with a background in fashion design and fine arts. She began her studies at White Cliffe College of Art & Design in Auckland, New Zealand where she lived for four years and completed her studies at Fraser Valley University, British Columbia. Textile design, pattern drafting, silk screen printing, loom weaving and photography are among some of the many techniques which enhance her keen vision and sensibility.

Tannis compliments her leather design with a passion for interior decorating, spacial re-configuration and space energy clearing.
Nature as muse finds its way into each of Tannis’ creations. Traveling around the world rewards her experience with culture and tradition by distilling references of color and shape. These influences take on new meaning in her work.

Tannis supports sustainability within the philosophy of her design sourcing new and used materials.
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