IntentFULL Creations
by Quinnilla…

Each leather container is thoughtfully crafted in the moment. Tannis fuses her intuitive abilities and integrity into each project she undertakes. The creative process becomes a journey within itself for she knows it will be made for a specific person. As a result, a unique personality is evident in each piece.
If you have an article of leather be it your grandsfather's old leather jacket, an old pair of boots or something you have loved dearly that perhaps may be falling apart or too small, Tannis can work with it. What emerges when she is finished is a unique expression with an undeniable spirit. Part of her creative process involves clearing the old energy through various energetic techniques, inviting in new potential. Tannis then lets the leather or medium she is working with inform her of what it would like to become.

If you choose to purchase a designer leather container by Quinnilla guaranteed you'll cherish it for years to come!

INtent-FULL Creations